I Prez Series


Booster system (with VFD)
i Prez series pumps are yet another product from house of C.R.I having immense experience in pumping systems.
i Prez Series are basically domestic pressures boosting system with built-in variable speed drive for constant pressure in pipe line. The pressure transmitter in this system monitors the demand and regulated the pump speed to maintain constant pressure at any time.it also protects the system from dry, run, over loading, unbalanced voltages, short circuit, etc. the system comprises of horizontal multistage pump,VFD, 5 Way connector with NRV. Pressure tank, pressure gauge & pressure transmitter.

  • Effective Energy saving
  • Maintains constant pressures with built-in-VFD
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Digital display to monitor the pumps speed, pressure, etc.
  • Adjustable output pressure settings
  • User friendly operations
  • Protect from Dry run, Over load unbalanced Voltage, short circuit etc.,
  • Complete stainless steel pump portion